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Welcome to Grimbriar, student.

Here is everything you need to know.

Getting Started

With your monthly delivery of materials through Charm Post, you will receive a well-rounded education on matters of the magical world. A lesson plan will be included with each monthly delivery. By creating an account on this website, you will be able to communicate with other Grimbriar students, test your knowledge of the magic world, and explore further topics of knowledge.

Please note that students under the age of 13 require a guardian's permission and supervision.

The Magic Method

Lessons are entirely remote and require a degree of independent study to complete. We here at Grimbriar value your happiness above all else. We want your study of the magical world to be enjoyable and at your own pace. There are no grades to worry about. Instead, focus on your enjoyment of the material and becoming the mage you want to be!

What's in a Lesson?

Each monthly lesson focuses on a single aspect of the magical world. For example, you might do an in-depth study on a specific species of dragon one month, and in the next month, you might be learning the ins and outs of brewing a certain potion. Each lesson delivered to you will contain the following:

  • An illustrated letter from your instructor/preceptor

  • A collectible trading card featuring an aspect of your lesson

  • One supplementary material such as an anatomy sketch, Enchanted Encyclopedia entry, an autographed photo of a famous Mage, etc.

Please enjoy these lessons at your own pace. There is no competition here at Grimbriar Academy.

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