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Updated: Jun 2, 2023


Atlantis was a legendary city that existed in the ancient world. It was renowned for its mastery of potions, advanced architecture, and peaceful habits. Despite its fall, the city remains a source of fascination and mystery. While the city's existence is debated by historians, many believe that it was once a great civilization that met a tragic end.

Early History

The exact origins of Atlantis are shrouded in mystery. According to legend, the city was founded by a group of powerful witches and wizards seeking a place to practice their magic freely. They chose a location deep in the ocean, in a valley surrounded by mountains, and built the city with the help of their magic. The city was said to be surrounded by a bubble of air. However, historians also weigh the possibility of its founders having developed a since-lost underwater breathing charm.


The architecture of Atlantis was grand and impressive. The city was built on a series of stair-stepping platforms carved from bedrock, with the royal palace at the center. The buildings were supposedly made of a sparkling, iridescent material that was said to be stronger than any known substance. Historians have never found or studied the material, so its existence has yet to be proven. Foundations found within the ocean have left little information for modern curiosity. Unfortunately, the city fell before the development of modern photography.


Atlantis was ruled by a council of mages, who were said to be just and wise leaders. The city was led by democracy and the peaceful resolution of disputes. The council made decisions based on the people's greater good and public input, and the citizens respected their leadership. The most notable of these mages was Ardined Sinsiol, who had helped develop the cure for Immobilis Disease. This debilitating ailment slowly turned one's bones into dust from the inside out and had a 100% chance of death once diagnosed. Sinsiol's contribution toward the cure was a groundbreaking step forward in ancient medicine.


The inhabitants of Atlantis were a diverse group of wizards, sorcerers, and potion-makers. The rumor of mermaids inhabiting Atlantis has yet to be proven one way or another. However, evidence suggests that some architectural details within the city's foundation lend their origins to Mermadian culture. The inhabitants were brilliant and knowledgeable about the magical arts, living in harmony with each other. They were also regarded for their hospitality towards outsiders.


Atlantis was renowned for its mastery of potions. The inhabitants were said to be able to create potions that could heal any illness, grant immortality, and even control the weather. They fiercely guarded their knowledge of potions and only shared it with those they deemed worthy. While most recipes have been lost to time, a spare few remain locked away in the magical world's most high-security libraries.


The downfall of Atlantis is shrouded in mystery. Some say that the city was destroyed by a natural disaster. In contrast, others believe it was brought down by a powerful enemy. The most popular theory is that the city was destroyed due to a magical experiment gone wrong. Some even believe that the Brewer, a tentacled beast at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, had something to do with the city's downfall. However, no one knows for sure what happened to the great civilization of Atlantis.

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