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Louise Pembuckle

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Note from Louise: It feels a bit funny to write about yourself, doesn't it? I wrote an entire history of myself before feeling a profound amount of embarrassment, at which point I burned the pages and called in another writer. So, writing my little article will be a dear friend of mine: Emily Proust, purveyor of fine teas and owner of the Kindly Kettle, a tea shop for mages and non-magic people alike.


Louise Pembuckle is a graduate of Grimbriar Academy of Magick, having pursued an interest in potion brewing. Upon graduation, Louise began selling her brews from her home to an array of customers. Louise travels the world in search of potion ingredients, preferring to source them herself to ensure their ethical harvest and organic nature. Most recently, Louise has been partially employed by Grimbriar to oversee the studies of new students through letters and various materials.

Early Life

Louise was born to Hester and Felicity Pembuckle en route to a party in Ireland. Her parents, expecting Louise to arrive several weeks later, were forced to land in the middle of a sheep pasture, where Louise was safely delivered into the world.

By age five, Louise had successfully brewed her very first potion. Much to her mother's dismay, Louise had included an expensive perfume in her bathtub concoction, which happened to be the ironic addition to what became one of the vilest Potions of Stench to ever be brewed on earthen soil.

Louise preferred the company of animals over other children her age, citing "consistent vileness and foul attitudes" as her reason for doing so. She tended to a colony of stray cats in the family's barn throughout her childhood.

Grimbriar Days

Louise received her Grimbriar acceptance letter on the eve of her 9th birthday. Delighted with the opportunity for their daughter to learn potion brewing under the hand of a true professor, the Pembuckles settled Louise in one of the school's North Dormitories before the start of the school year. Initially beguiled with the school's enchanting ambiance, Louise soon became so wrought with homesickness that the school's healer suggested her parents send a package of goods to ease her heart. The package, which arrived by a team of four exhausted owls not three hours after, contained a frazzled-looking ginger cat called Tubs and a wrapped treat of Mrs. Pembuckles honey tarts.

By her teens, Louise had proved herself to be quite adept in the world of potion-making, having won three regional awards and been nominated for several other international ones. In her 15th year, Louise bonded with a fellow with named Emily Proust (yours truly), who also frequented the greenhouse in search of ingredients. While Louise focused on potions apt for battle and adventure, Emily focused on ones for healing. The two became quite inseparable, and they frequently found themselves in situations that landed them in front of the Headmaster's desk.

Post School

Upon graduation, Louise moved back home to care for her mother in her final years. After her mother's passing, Louise and her father built a cottage not far from Grimbriar's grounds. There, Louise made a home for herself. Her father still visits frequently, and the two often travel together in search of adventure. It was during these adventures that Louise realized the potential for harvesting and collecting her own potion ingredients.

Current Affairs

Currently, Louise resides in her cottage and focuses her attention on potion brewing, traveling, and communicating with friends and students via letters. She lives with five cats, sometimes six depending on the day, and a colony of dust sprites.

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Mar 17, 2023

hi Louise!

Louise P.
Louise P.
Mar 17, 2023
Replying to

Hello, dear Avalea! How are those new wands treating you and your sister?


Sinead  Whitehouse
Sinead Whitehouse
Feb 27, 2023

I loved learning more about you


I would sure love to visit Emily’s tea shop one day if and when I become confident enough to start my broom training! love and magic, Sinead 💜

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