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The Brewer


The Brewer is a tentacled beast that dwells deep in the Mariana Trench, surrounded by shadows and unknown to most of the world. It is said to possess many eyes, yet no one has ever seen its face. The Brewer is renowned for its work with ancient, deadly, and dangerous potions. Its grotto is filled with rare and potent ingredients. However, its true nature and origins remain shrouded in mystery.

Ancient Lore

Legend has it that the Brewer has existed since the dawn of time, always hiding in the darkness and manipulating the forces of the magical world to its own ends. Some say that it was created by the ancient gods themselves, while others believe it was born from the abyssal depths of the ocean.

What We Know

Little is known about the Brewer, as it rarely makes itself known to the world above. It is said to possess unparalleled knowledge of potion-making. It is capable of creating concoctions that can grant immense power or bring ruin to those who consume them. The Brewer's Grotto is filled with rare and potent ingredients, and it guards its secrets jealously.


There have been few sightings of the Brewer throughout history. Those who claim to have seen it often tell tales of a terrifying and otherworldly creature. Some have reported encountering the Brewer in their dreams, where it has whispered dark secrets in unknown tongues.

The Downfall of Atlantis:

There are rumors that the Brewer played a role in the downfall of Atlantis. This ancient city was said to be home to the most advanced civilization of its time. Some believe the Brewer gave the Atlanteans powerful potions and magical artifacts that led to their downfall. Others speculate that the Atlanteans sought out the Brewer in their quest for power and knowledge and that their dealings with the creature ultimately led to their demise. However, the truth behind the Brewer's involvement with Atlantis remains a mystery, lost to the depths of time.

Poems or Songs:

The Brewer's Lament

Oh, Brewer of the ocean deep,

Whose secrets many mortals seek,

In grottos dark and oceans wide,

You hide your potions deep inside.

The legends say you brought great strife,

You once helped to end the life,

Of a city grand and full of light,

A tragedy that haunts the night.

Yet still we seek your ancient power,

To heal, to harm, in every hour,

And though we fear your hidden might,

We pray you'll help us in our plight.

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