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The Todchai Seers

Todchai Seers

The Todchai Seers are a captivating nomadic clan of black cats renowned for their divination abilities. Hailing from a distinctive interspecies pact with humans, they command respect and intrigue with their mystique. Humans, in their quest to understand the mysteries of the future, bestowed upon the cats a magical language known as 'Cat Speak'. Initially skeptical, the cats eventually embraced this unique language, thus birthing the Todchai Seers.


The beginnings of the Todchai Seers find their roots in a time when they were ordinary black cats. Fascinated by their mysterious ability to predict future events, humans imbued them with 'Cat Speak', a magical language that enabled communication between the species. Despite their initial resistance, the cats, after repeated persuasions and guarantees of mutual respect and autonomy, agreed to this unique exchange. This acceptance gave rise to the Todchai Seers, forever changing the dynamics of interspecies communication.


The Todchai Seers abide by customs deeply entrenched in their philosophy and history. They strictly adhere to a code of ethics that prizes freedom and individuality. Kittens are raised to embrace curiosity and must face a challenge in their 2nd year in which they venture away from the ruins for a six-month journey. During this journey, the kitten will hone their divination skills and return to the clan, ready to share their ability for the betterment of the clan.

Their most emblematic tradition, fortune-telling, can transpire at any given moment. However, the divination methods they utilize are jealously guarded secrets. Their prophetic visions are highly coveted and shared exclusively with those deemed worthy, adding to their allure and mystery. Elzebed's Prophetics is the premier location for your chance at a fortune reading.

Clan Size

The Todchai Seers are a large clan, although exact figures remain unknown due to their elusive and nomadic nature. Nevertheless, they exhibit a robust sense of unity and operate under a sophisticated hierarchical system for decision-making and resource allocation, hinting at their substantial size and organization.

The Ruins

The Todchai Seers inhabit an extraordinary roaming city known as The Ruins. This nomadic city is an assemblage of towering, crumbling structures carried across the Irish landscapes on four gigantic cat legs. The ruins, believed to be remnants of an ancient Celtic civilization, move around the country, periodically pausing for rest. During these resting periods, the city opens its gates to visitors, offering them a glimpse into the seers' intriguing world. Despite their transient nature, the ruins maintain a significant population of Seers, their actual count veiled in mystery due to their preference for privacy.

Between 1914 and 1946, there were no sightings of the Ruins, leading many to believe they had been destroyed during World Wars I and II. In 1947, the first sighting of their return was reported just south of Galway.

Folklore about the Seers

The Todchai Seers are deeply woven into the fabric of folklore. Numerous legends speak of their prophetic capabilities, contributing to their nearly mythical reputation. These stories recount instances where the Seers accurately predicted significant events, further highlighting their divination skills. The Seers' secretive divination practices and the rarity and exclusivity of their fortunes add to their enigma, captivating the curiosity of locals and scholars alike.

Many scholars believe the Seers to be Fae, given their transient nature and secretive lifestyle. While there is no confirmation of this belief one way or another, many do agree that the frequent disappearances of such large, nomadic ruins borders on Realm Weaving.

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Jan 11

I just decoded the first Elzebed's Phrophets Eliza Moonpaw cat card, it reads:

"Upon asking the stars in regards to fate one must abandon prideful wishes and accept the answer with the grace of changing seasons"

Pretty cool stuff (: can't wait to discover more things!

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